Our Team


Evangelist James Carter

James Carter grew up in severe poverty in the Bloomingdale Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, IN. He endured abuse, neglect, violence, rejection, and abandonment. All of this resulted in severe mental illnesses. But then God…


James came to know God as a loving Father and personal Savior at the age of 15 after God brought him to live in the little country town of Zanesville, IN. The people there loved that wretch of a boy with the Love of God and helped James find a new life and a reason to live. Now James is called to do the same for others just like Him. He went on to earn a Master’s Degree, become a business executive, a published author, and most importantly a Minister of the Good News of Jesus Christ. All by the Grace of God. And he knows the same is possible for anyone, no matter how bad their circumstances or what they may have done wrong, if only they will believe in the same God.


James is the author of Walk the Narrow Way: How to be a Disciple and Druid Wars, both available for purchase on Amazon. He is currently at work writing a Memoir talking about the amazing things God has done in his life and how far he has come under impossible circumstances.


James’ life is dedicated to reaching and helping those who believe there is no hope and no one could ever care about them. He has been involved in ministry for more than thirty years and has launched A Voice Crying In The Wilderness Prophetic Evangelistic Ministry in order to take the Good News of Jesus’ Love into areas that far too often are ignored or rejected by Modern American Churches.

Evangelist Theresa Delarosa

Theresa Delarosa is owner of T's Painting Transformations in Fort Wayne, IN. She is also a gifted and anointed Servant of the Most High God. Theresa has a Powerful Call on her life to share God's Love with people who have been hurt which then led them to do things they should not have or gotten into situations that are not pleasing to God. She wants to show them He Loves them no matter what and He has never abandoned or rejected them.

Spiritual Warrior Ronda Kudrna

Ronda has been gifted with an amazing ability to speak with and hear from the Holy Spirit. She provides the Spiritual underpinning of our Outreach Ministry and helps keeps us grounded in God. She daily communes with God and listens to His Words, imparting them to the Outreach Team as God directs.

Discipleship Student Paul Carter

Paul has been called of God to go forth and share the Good News of Jesus far and wide. Having overcome much in his short life, Paul now will devoted himself to learning as much about God as possible and then sharing that knowledge with young people who are hungry for something more and better than what the World has been offering them.

Prayer Council

A Prayer Council has been set up to pray over and for this Outreach Ministry and all who are called to be a part of it, the towns the Holy Spirit is calling us to visit and share His Love, and most importantly the people who are on the outside looking in as it relates to the Family of God, people who are hurting and lost and without Hope. If you are led to be a part of this Prayer Council, please send us a message.