Do you want to be like Jesus?

Walk the Narrow Way: How to be a Disciple, available for purchase on Amazon.com and at our Outreach Meetings, is a study guide by Fort Wayne Native and Evangelist James Carter to help those who have never had a mentor learn the things that will help them be successful and be more like Jesus. Containing explanations of how Jesus taught His Disciples, how Paul and Peter taught those they were charged with mentoring, suggested actions to help put into practice what you are learning, and discussion questions to take a deeper look at the information provided.

This Study Guide will help prepare you for Prophetic Evangelism and is set up such that it works for both small groups and individual study. It also will help whether you have worked with a mentor or have never had someone who showed you the ropes. No matter whether you are looking at this in terms of your faith or your regular job, Walk the Narrow Way: How to be a Disciple can help you accomplish your objectives.

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The Battle Begins

With persecution against Christians racking the Roman Empire, the first Christian Evangelists set out to bring the Good News that the Son of God came to earth as a Man, lived a perfect life, and then voluntarily laid His life down on a Roman Cross just because He loved Man so much and wanted them to be reconciled with God the Father. Then He rose on the third day to bring everlasting life to all who would believe in Him.

As these young men begin to spread the Good News, they encounter a force doing the work of Satan. The Druids are determined to maintain their hold on the people and to keep the True God away. And so the battle begins.

Magic versus Miracles. Druids vs. Jehovah Jireh. Who will win?

Druid Wars, available for purchase on Amazon.com and at our Outreach Meetings, will answer that question.