Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The Vision of A Voice Crying In The Wilderness Prophetic Evangelistic Ministry is to see a Great Move of God begin to sweep across the earth in these Last Days before Jesus returns for His Bride. To see those who are outside looking in find the Love of God and come to know Him personally. To reach those living in the poorest neighborhoods and who are hurting and lost so they can come to find peace, hope, and a future. To see those inside Modern Churches grow closer to God and to turn back to their First Love.


Mission Statement

The Mission of A Voice Crying In The Wilderness Prophetic Evangelistic Ministry is to go into the areas where the Gospel is not currently reaching both in the United States and around the World. Jesus told us that before He returned the Good News would be preached in every corner of the earth and every person would have an opportunity to hear it.

Our mission is to further that goal by going into the poorest neighborhoods that are far too often ignored, neglected, or rejected. To share the Good News of God's Love with people who are hurting and lost and who often believe no one could love them just as they are. To be Jesus to them. Our Mission is to to do the things Jesus did for the same type of people He focused His Ministry on. We will do this in person both through one-on-one interactions and gatherings where the Truth of God's Word is shared. It will be done online to reach around the world. Always following the leading of the Holy Spirit and acting in love no matter how unlovable a person may seem on the outside.