A Voice Crying In The Wilderness is a Prophetic Evangelism Ministry originating out of Fort Wayne, IN but with a vision to see people all over the world who are outside of what we consider to be traditional modern churches reached with the Love of God. Sadly, there are far too many who say they will never set foot inside a church building. They have various reasons, but many feel that way because it has been made clear to them they are not welcome there just as they are.

It is completely baffling how people who claim to be Followers of Christ, or Christians, can act in a way that is so contradictory to who and what He is. When you narrow that to just those who call themselves Pastors, Evangelists, Bishops, Apostles, or Prophets it is even more disturbing. Jesus purposely was born into a very poor family in a poor region. When He began His Ministry, Jesus called to be His Students, Disciples, twelve social rejects and poor men. He then spent three years going among those religious men wanted nothing to do with. Why are we not doing the same?

It is the purpose of this Prophetic Evangelism Ministry to do exactly what Jesus did. Share God's Love in every way possible among those society rejects and attacks, among those the religious in their fancy church buildings chase away. We will preach the Word of God in the highways and bi-ways just as Jesus commanded. But we will also demonstrate His Love through our actions.


Why a Voice Crying In The Wilderness?

John the Baptist was called A Voice Crying In The Wilderness in part because that is what he literally was. Rather than go to the religious Jews and into their synagogues or Temple to announce the message he had been given by God, John went out into the wilderness. He stood along the banks of a muddy, nearly dried up river and announced that it was time to Repent for the Kingdom of God was at hand. John had been shown that the Messiah the Jews had waited thousands of years for was finally coming on the earth. It was his job to prepare the way and call wayward Israel back to God just as had been prophesied in Jewish Scriptures was going to happen.

He was also a Voice Crying In The Wilderness because he was cast away by religious men and those who were rich and powerful. They wanted nothing to do with John or his message. It threatened everything they had stolen and cheated to acquire. So, John went out on his own and started sharing God's Message with others who were like him and considered of no value to those who only cared about money and power. He began baptizing those in water who were willing to repent and turn back to the One True God.

We are also A Voice Crying In The Wilderness for much the same reasons. We are called to preach a message the religious do not want to hear and do not want preached. Our message is that Jesus is coming again, but this time He is not coming as the Lamb of God to be slain for our sins. No, Jesus is coming back as the Lion of Judah. He is coming to trample the Grapes of God's Wrath on the Earth. And it is time for all to repent and turn back to Him before it is too late. For those who want to argue that those who believe will never feel any part of God's Wrath, we say look around you. And read Jesus' words. The terrible times Jesus promised in Matthew 24 and 25 have already begun and just as Jesus said, this is only the beginning it will only get much worse.

We are also similar to John in mission in that we are called to go out away from modern churches and share the Good News and God's Love with those who are rejected and reviled by the religious, just as John and Jesus did. Further, this outreach begins with just one person, James Carter, called of God to be set apart and do what no one else is willing to do. But it will grow and spread under the power of the Holy Spirit as we prepare to endure to the end.



What  is a Prophetic Ministry?

In the times and culture that the events of the Bible took place in, which is what we should be basing our interpretations of Scripture on, Prophecy did not refer to telling the future, although some Prophets of God were told of future events. The word Prophet literally meant one who speaks God's Word. Therefore, in most cases the person who holds the job we call Pastor today should instead be called a Prophet, that is if he or she is really speaking for God.

A Prophetic Ministry, and this one in particular, then is about serving others by sharing with them what God speaks. That happens sometimes through the written Word of God, the Bible. And it happens at times when the Holy Spirit speaks and His Prophet repeats those words. Our goal is to only share the things God specifically says so that we and others can grow closer to God and closer to the goal of being Holy as He is Holy.


What is an Evangelistic Ministry?

In the times and culture that the events of the Bible took place in, which is what we should be basing our interpretations of Scripture on, an Evangelistic Ministry was not a person who went into the Synagogues or the Jewish Temple and talked about the Jewish Law. The modern equivalent of those synagogues and the Temple are the buildings we call churches, although the First Believers would not consider them to be such. To them, the only similar buildings were pagan temples where false gods were worshiped. And for that reason an Early Christian would not go anywhere near these buildings we call "churches" today. They certainly would not have preached in one.

An Evangelistic Ministry, per the definition the people in the Bible would have understood, is one that goes out to where people are who are not currently part of the Family of God. It goes to where the people are who are going to Hell. And it loves them just as they are.

An Evangelistic Ministry loves those who are thought to be unlovable with the Love Jesus first showed us. Through deeds, what Jesus called our fruit, and words we share the Good News and give them a chance to believe in Jesus that is not being offered through these man-made organizations that sit inside comfortable buildings and demand the people come to us.